Peak Innovation

For those who smoke and have been desperately searching for a satisfying nicotine alternative, your wait is over! THE BYRD™ is filled in the United States and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Only the best flavors we could create are offered in THE BYRD™. If you do not use products containing nicotine, please don't start now!


THE BYRD™ was created by the same experts in the vape industry who brought you Space Jam Premium E-liquid. Having been smokers for many years, and already having helped millions of people switch from smoking to vaping, we knew there had to be an even better alternative for adult smokers. A more enjoyable, hassle-free vaping experience was key to making the transition easier for adult smokers to switch. The opportunity was there for us to perfect the simple, viable alternative so many adult smokers are seeking. Our commitment is to help all smokers globally, GIVE SMOKING THE BYRD!™

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