Is the pod interchangeable with other closed-tank vaping systems?

No, The BYRD pod design is proprietary to The BYRD™, it is the first of its kind.

What makes The BYRD™ pods so special and different?

• The design includes a U-shaped airflow design that will greatly reduce leaking. 

• The connection with The BYRD™ device is magnetic, resulting in 100% reliability. 

• The pod has a one-way insert that helps ensure that the device always fires the same way and performance is consistent. 

• The pod has a clear view window with no center chimney, so you can see all your e-liquid. 

 • The pod offers a specially designed mouthpiece to greatly reduce spit-back. 

 • The inlet hole is specially designed to enhance wicking consistency, so every draw feels the same. 

 • The pods are very durable. In fact, they’re practically indestructible. 

What type of coil do The BYRD™ pods use?

• The BYRD™ pods are made with 1.3 ohm coils. The design of the coil is also proprietary, it was inserted horizontally in a space-saving effort to eliminate the center chimney. 

• Don’t panic, it’s organic! Well, at least the cotton used in the coil is organic. 

• Coil design allows for every last drop of e-liquid to be absorbed. 

What kind of battery does The BYRD use?

THE BYRD™ contains a 3.7V single cell, lithium-ion battery that can be charged again and again for continuous use.

Where is the product made?

The device is manufactured in China. The liquid is made in the USA. The product is filled and packaged in the USA. 

The device design is awesome, is it going to break if I drop it?

We built The BYRD™ out of scratch-resistant, anodized aluminum. This allows us to keep the device lightweight, while offering some protection from drops and bumps. That being said, we don’t recommend making a habit of dropping it. 

Why are there curves in the body of the device?

We designed the body to fit the ergonomics of your grip. You’ll find that the curved center gives your thumb a place to rest when you’re carrying it in your hand or when holding it up to your mouth to draw. Additionally, we’ve found that the grooves allow your hand a place to fidget, if that’s your thing.

Why is the bottom green?

The base of the device is our signature neon green to allow for ease of visibility if you drop the device


What if my battery isn’t charging?

Try checking the connection between the micro USB cord and whatever power source it is plugged into. Also try checking the connection between the device and the micro USB cord. If neither of those is loose, contact customer service. Under no circumstances should you open the device housing to attempt to tamper with the battery. We can’t be held responsible for your inherent desire to tinker with things. 

I lost my charging cable, do I have to buy a replacement charging cable?

No. The device has regulated charging protection built right in. That means you can charge your device using ANY Micro USB cord and ANY charger.

Why does the light turn red when I insert the pod?

The pod functions on a one-way insert. If the light is turning red or if the pod is not sitting flush with the device, please carefully remove the pod, rotate it 180 degrees, and reinsert it. The device light should now turn green and the pod should sit flush with the device. If that does not work, please contact customer service for additional assistance.


How do I charge the device?

Your device should have come with a micro USB charging cable which can be plugged into any USB port.

How long does it take to charge?

The device will fully charge in less than 20 minutes. Have no fear! If you can’t wait 20 minutes, the device also comes equipped with the ability for pass-through-vaping.

Is the battery going to explode in my pocket?

In short, when the device is handled appropriately, no. Our batteries are 3.7V single-cell lithium ion. While there is no fire or explosion hazard under conditions of normal use, please make sure to store your device in a cool, dry place at normal room temperature.

How long does the battery last?

That depends entirely on your personal usage. However, the battery will last you well through a full pod.

Where should I store my pods?

Same place you store your device! It is best to keep your pods in a cool, dry place at room temperature, ideally, inside their sealed packs.

How long do I have to use my pods before they expire?

While there is no expiration date on the pods, for maximum flavor performance, we recommend storing for no more than one year from the date of purchase.

Can I refill my pods with other e-liquid?

We don’t recommend doing that. The pods are designed for one-time use and maximum flavor production. Refilling them can cause a significant decrease in flavor output, especially since the cotton has already absorbed the original liquid in the pod.

Can I open the pod?

Why do you always need to break things? Please don’t open the pods, as nicotine over-exposure may be caused through prolonged skin contact or accidental ingestion of e-liquid.

I got a new device because I ran mine over with a half ton truck in the desert…should I throw the parts in the trash?

No. Our batteries can be considered hazardous waste if their charge is not fully consumed. Please drop off your old device at your local electronics recycling or e-waste facility. CLICK HERE for a map of states that require e-waste recycling for discarded batteries.

Do I have to throw my pods away in an e-waste facility?

No, the pods can be thrown away in a regular trash can, as they don’t contain any battery components.


What is Tobacco-Free Nicotine (TFN)?

A proprietary blend of tobacco free nicotine salts developed exclusively for The Byrd that is not derived from tobacco leaf, stem, or waste dust like all other nicotine.

Is TFN better for me than natural nicotine?

While neither better nor worse for you than nicotine derived from tobacco, it is more consistent in the way it performs. TFN is devoid of many impurities occurring in tobacco-derived nicotine. Additionally, every batch is tested for purity, and is almost completely tasteless and odorless, which results in a more pleasurable vaping experience.

I’m a smoker that is new to vaping, what nicotine percentage is in the pods?

Our products are 6% nicotine by volume.

How much liquid is in the pod?

Our pods are designed to hold 0.85ml of e-liquid.

I’m a smoker that is new to vaping, what flavor do you recommend?

This depends entirely on your personal preference, but a quick guide:

 • If you currently smoke menthols, try our MYNT flavor. 

• If you tend to like smoking plain tobaccos, try our Original flavor. 

 We highly recommend picking up the Starter Pack which includes a variety pack of pods that includes MYNT, Original, Mango, and Golden Honey. You can try all four flavors without having to commit to a four-pack from the start.

I’m a smoker that is new to vaping, is it possible to vape too much?

It really depends on your tolerance to nicotine. If you tend to chain smoke, chances are that you’ll find yourself curbing your need to vape continuously as you grow accustomed to this alternative form of nicotine consumption. The device comes with an 8-second protection, to prevent anyone from ingesting too much in one draw. Take baby steps, you’ll figure out where your tolerance lies.  

Misc. Product Information:

What is pass-through-vaping?

You can vape while your device is plugged in and charging. Yes, we did. 

I’m not satisfied with my product, how do I return it for a refund?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for used product. We do recommend that you research as much as possible to make sure our device is for you, prior to purchasing. We do offer a warranty on the functionality of the device. If there is a manufacturing defect in your device causing it to perform poorly, we will replace it with a new device. Please contact customer service so that we can make it right for you.

Does The BYRD™ fly?

Not all birds fly, but ours does. A few tips for traveling:

• Cabin pressure changes can tamper with the pressure inside devices containing liquids (this is why your lotion or hand sanitizer tends to explode out of the bottle). The same cabin changes pressure can cause leaking of your pod. We highly recommend using up your current pod and using a new one when you land.

 • If you insist on using the same pod and it leaks, wipe off the excess liquid and make sure to wash your hands with soap and water immediately. Avoid any direct contact with your eyes or face, and don’t try to use your mouth to remove the excess liquid, that’s just gross.